Tricentis drives tighter integration & ignites AI to fuel SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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It’s ‘tough’ to be an SAP partner.

Spoiler alert, it’s not actually tough per se, we’re making a point.

If it’s tough at all to work in this sphere, it’s because the expansive SAP stack has many component blocks into which partners might potentially build their ancillary and supplementary solutions – so really, where do you start?

It might also be tough because there are so many partners vying for share of voice i.e. take a tour of the back section areas at an SAP Sapphire or SAP TechEd and there are scores of hard working SAP integrators, combinators, instigators and facilitators – so really, how do you get heard?

One company that made more positive noise than some at this year’s SAP Sapphire USA in Orlando this June 2024 was SAP partner Tricentis. The company has said that it wants to showcase its commitment to support SAP’s mission of enabling enterprises to accelerate their transformation to SAP cloud solutions.

A defined specialist in continuous testing and quality engineering, Tricentis used this year’s SAP customer/practitioner gathering to announce new integrations and AI capabilities that help support customer adoption of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The event itself is known in full as the SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference and Tricentis was and is a premier sponsor of the US leg of this show and its European counterpart in Barcelona, also held this June.

As a partner in the SAP Cloud ALM space, Tricentis says it is working to continue strengthen its position in the SAP ecosystem with Tricentis solutions now being adopted for several key SAP frameworks and tools, including the RISE with SAP adoption framework, SAP Activate, and SAP Cloud ALM.

New integrations & AI capabilities

Tricentis is now a part of the RISE With SAP adoption framework. The framework is designed to support customers and partners with prescriptive methodology support and precise tool selection to deploy SAP cloud software.

By including Tricentis in the RISE with SAP adoption framework, software engineering and data management teams receive detailed guidelines on using Tricentis solutions to help reduce the risk of their RISE with SAP transformation. The company promises that this helps ensure efficient and lower risk deployment of SAP cloud ERP.

Tricentis began its partnership with SAP back in 2020 as an SAP Solution Extensions partner and in the years since we have been fortunate enough to deepen our relationship to such an extent that we are driving true impact for SAP transformation journey. As businesses strive for seamless digital transformations, Tricentis aims to be a critical technology provider in the process, offering advanced quality assurance solutions that help accelerate, de-risk, and optimise the implementations, upgrades, and transformations of customer’s SAP applications,” said VJ Kumar, SVP and general manager, strategic partnerships at Tricentis.

SAP Cloud ALM integration

Tricentis’ capabilities are integrated with SAP Cloud ALM to provide a streamlined journey for the activities in the application lifecycle powered by the Tricentis test automation solution. With SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis’ capabilities, the company promises us a unified and streamlined approach to managing the entire application lifecycle is available.

This is our fourth year with Tricentis as an SAP Solution Extensions partner since 2020 when it launched its first SAP Solution Extension for SAP Solution Manager. To see its growth with AI, RISE with SAP, and SAP Cloud ALM– it’s truly an exciting time for our partnership. We look forward to seeing Tricentis continue to help our joint customers accelerate transformation journeys and gain efficiencies while they move to the cloud,” said Darryl Gray, global vice president, software partner success at SAP

Also now surfacing, Tricentis is demoing AI capabilities to auto-generate test cases from SAP Cloud ALM. This feature is built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) AI and infrastructure services and leverages Tricentis expertise in both test management and SAP business processes to generate comprehensive test scenarios for SAP Cloud ALM.

This helps reduce the time and effort required for digital transformation – and this advancement not only accelerates the QA processes but also enhances accuracy and coverage, which can lead to more robust and reliable SAP deployments.

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