Testing needs to be cross-platform, honest

Software quality company SmartBear has reached the 12.5 iteration release of its TestComplete tool.

This release features new Xamarin.Forms and Electron support – so that’s good for cross-platform testing.

SmartBear points out that currently, software testing teams have to customise their tests to ensure test coverage across the array of platforms, mobile devices, and configurations in the market.

With TestComplete 12.5, teams using Xamarin.Forms to create one codebase for iOS, Android, and Windows can test all their devices and configurations with a single, automated test execution.

With Electron support, teams can test both desktop and web applications at the same time, which decreases test creation cycles and maintenance.

TestComplete 12.5 includes other features for faster debugging and reporting — enhancements include a script tracer to identify where test variables, functions or objects, a test video recorder, enhanced reporting and test error log filters.

SmartBear also provides other tools that can be integrated with TestComplete to extend cross-platform testing.

With CrossBrowserTesting, mobile testers can scale tests across 1,500 real devices and browsers, and with SoapUI Pro, testers can easily create automated tests for APIs that power mobile and single page apps.

Testing really does need to be cross-platform, it appears.

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