TIBCO’s new grammar (infra)structure: I iPaaS, You iPaaS, He/She iPaaS, They iPaaS

There are precious few IT trade show and conferences as we stand in the late Spring of 2021, so – as a consequence – there are precious few IT trade show T-shirts to be snaffled.

If data integration and enterprise cloud company Tibco was staging its annual events in person, then the T-shirt would probably read ‘Connect, Unify…. & Confidently Predict’, such appears to be the thread emanating from its messaging mothership at the moment. 

This month sees the firm announce several new elements in its Tibco Cloud Integration iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service), including process automation updates and new accelerators.

This is work focused on redefining the iPaaS landscape – a technology ‘element’ traditionally used to connect back-office applications and data.

In terms of use, iPaaS is for software application development professionals and their Ops-operations counterparts (everyone from sysadmins, to DBAs, to penetration testers and all other foundational operations gurus) to be able to form software stack connections.

You iPaaS, He/She iPaaS, They iPaaS

But, crucially, Tibco is now saying that its iPaaS technology (they’re redefining the iPaaS landscape here, remember?) also allows users on the business front lines to quickly and easily streamline manual processes or develop entirely new automated processes without writing code. 

Users are able to embed business data within processes, reducing their reliance on IT. These capabilities help address challenges across processes, like driving customer intimacy, operational excellence, or reinventing other elements of the business.

Shaunna Shiers is director of operations for primary and urgent care at the Boston (USA)-based Catholic Medical Center. 

Shiers says that (in the fight against Covid-19) her team has been working to simplify and automate complex business processes and workflows using Tibco Cloud Integration, including retrieval of patient data and provision of critical information. As a result, they were able to stand up a support centre for patients 100% faster, in a matter of days – not months – thereby accelerating the vaccine rollout.

The Tibco Cloud Integration iPaaS is built with new integration accelerators that help with tasks such as tracking and tracing shipments, to managing public transportation infrastructure, all accessible within the Tibco Cloud Integration Marketplace. 

Senior vice president and general manager for Connect and Tibco Cloud Randy Menon explains that these accelerators alleviate the need to develop custom integration applications from scratch. Additionally, the Tibco Cloud Integration Marketplace includes the ability to support user participation, monetisation for partners and developers and become a place for discovery of all integration and processes assets.

Menon and team also talk about the newly enhanced AI-driven experience within Tibco Cloud Integration.

Dovetailing disparate data

With smart data-mapping capabilities, a user can rely on machine learning-powered recommendations for connecting fields between disparate data sources based on historical patterns and continuous learnings. 

Built-in intelligent analytics dashboards powered by Tibco Spotfire give insights into critical ecosystem metrics, such as API and endpoint usage and API performance, minimising time between critical business moments and valuable digital business insights.

Back to school on iPaaS it is then – now spell: fish. 

Image: TIBCO

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