Sumo Logic widens stance on developer Kubernetes observability

Never afraid to bare a few buttocks in the name of a good clean fight, cloud-based analytics company Sumo Logic has tightened the straps for developers building cloud-native applications.

The company’s latest release offers a simplified process (that streamlines the Sumo Logic data collection process) to deliver Kubernetes observability in a matter of clicks. 

With the rise in the adoption of Kubernetes, monitoring systems becomes even more critical, obviously.

According to the report, Monitoring Containers and Kubernetes Workloads, magical analyst house Gartner states, “If supporting your monitoring infrastructure is manual or brittle, or instrumenting applications, data collection and visualisation introduces friction for developers, it will be used (or not) inconsistently and visibility will be lost.”

Full-stack observability

Erez Barak, VP of product development for observability at Sumo Logic says that full-stack observability starts with simplifying how logs, metrics and traces are collected to give organisations every advantage available to manage modern applications.

Very much for developer use, this is supposed to enable coder to get up and running quickly with Kubernetes observability in three key steps.

  1. Establishing appropriate collection for the Kubernetes environment (Orchestration, Infrastructure & App Data) with the proper metadata.
  2. Installing the relevant app dashboards to view data and help diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  3. Validating automatically generated alerts.

Christian Beedgen, CTO and co-founder at Sumo Logic says that developers are at the heart of challenging the status quo and getting the digital experiences [Sumo Logic] craves into service.

In his view, digital experiences simply do not advance without the needed visibility for developers to make them a reality.

“Today, we take another step in delivering on the promise to deliver a premium developer experience. Onboarding Kubernetes data into Sumo Logic has never been faster, smarter, or more secure,” said Beedgen.

Sumo Logic is offering a free trial at

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