Sumo Logic muscles-up for CircleCI & GitLab

At Sumo Logic, intelligence is on a continuum… hence the firm’s use of  continuous intelligence as its branding tag of choice.

Keen to still push out augmentations and enhancements to its platform right through to the year end, the company has now introduced new integrations with CircleCI and GitLab.

All developments here is designed to help software application development teams build, run and measure the health of the software delivery lifecycle.

The Sumo Logic Software Development Optimization (SDO) solution works to democratise and unify fragmented data generated by tools used to build and deliver software. 

With these new integrations, teams can optimise builds and deployments in a single view, know which builds and deployments take the longest, which fail more frequently and which teams deploy more often.

They can also balance resources, track issues opened, closed and reopened in a given time period. Plus also, they can see the breakdown of issues by severity or priority to ensure engineering resources are properly assigned.

Battling bottlenecks

Developers will get visibility into the rate and status of merge requests, as well as associated pipelines. Plus also, be able to act on stalled merge requests or failed pipelines that are slowing work velocity.

“Continuous visibility of CI/CD pipelines has shifted from a nice-to-have to a must-have for development teams,” said Michael Marfise, general manager & vice president for product growth, Sumo Logic. 

“Reducing build issues, improving velocity, and optimising deployments are critical to delivering reliable digital experiences. The Sumo Logic SDO solution, with new integrations for CircleCi and GitLab, enables organisations to achieve full pipeline observability in minutes with out-of-the-box dashboards and data analytics,” added Marfise.

  • The GitLab app is available in the Sumo Logic App Catalog today.
  • The CircleCI app is available in the Sumo Logic App Catalog today.



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