Sumo Logic cracks on with new bands of intelligence strapping

Self-styled continuous intelligence company Sumo Logic has reached beta on two new analytics services that extend its Cloud Flex offering (a credit-based licensing strategy).

Interactive Intelligence Service and Archiving Intelligence Service work to provide monitoring, troubleshooting and threat detection for business applications.

This software collects and analyzes all types of data for operational, security, business intelligence, IoT and other various use cases.

Crucially, it is now packaged at varying price points to suit diverse use cases and cost needs. 

Sumo Logic tells us that today’s legacy and siloed monitoring and analytics vendor licensing models force customers to make a trade-off as their machine data grows, either by paying runaway license costs or being forced to discard data to control costs creating blind spots. 

The proposition here is that organisations should be able to dynamically segment their data and tailor the analytics accordingly for the right level of insights, frequent or infrequent interactive searching or troubleshooting and full data archiving. 

The new Sumo Logic Interactive Intelligence Service enables customers to ingest any log or machine data they desire.

No re-preparation, re-ingestion, re-hydration

The data is securely stored in the Sumo Logic service and is available on-demand for interactive analysis without any additional data re-preparation, re-ingestion, or re-hydration. 

This service was designed and is ideal for use cases where users need to quickly and/or periodically investigate issues, troubleshoot code or configuration problems or address customer support cases which often rely upon searching over high volume of data for specific insights. 

“Today’s data analytics pricing and licensing models are broken and simply don’t reflect the rapidly changing ways customers are using data,” said Suku Krishnaraj, chief marketing officer, Sumo Logic. “By introducing our new Interactive Intelligence Service and Archiving Intelligence Service, we are shifting the conversation from a volume-based, one-size-fits-all approach, to a flexible value based licensing model enabling customers to gain limitless value from their analytics solution at a price that makes sense for their varied use cases.” 

The Sumo Logic Archiving Intelligence Service is designed for use cases such as operational data stores, cloud data warehousing, or to potentially search during an unplanned security incident or business event. This new service will allow customers to send unlimited log or other machine data for free, without incurring any additional costs for using the platform to send data to their own AWS S3 bucket or cloud provider of their choice. 

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