(Server) less is more, ThoughtSpot on Amazon Redshift Serverless

Cloud-native is here.

Except it’s not, quite i.e. so many enterprises are still working their way through what they hope will be the first (or at least initial stages) of cloud deployment with just a percentage of their entire stack moving to what could be described as cloud-native status.

That being said, it’s tough to go far without people talking about data, agility, flexibility, and ease of use.

In response to all these factors, cloud data analytics company ThoughtSpot has announced support for Amazon Redshift Serverless.

The move is hoped to allow customers to use ThoughtSpot’s own Modern Analytics Cloud to run and scale analytics on Amazon Redshift without having to provision and manage any data warehouse infrastructure.

For the record, Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse product which forms part of the larger cloud-computing platform Amazon Web Services. It is built on top of technology from the massive parallel processing data warehouse company ParAccel, to handle large scale data sets and database migrations.

“Amazon Redshift Serverless simplifies your experience by letting you run and scale analytics without having to manage data warehouse clusters. You’re also able to automatically provision and scale data warehouse capacity, meaning you have an intelligent, dynamic compute framework tailored to the nature of the workload,” stated ThoughtSpot, on a technical blog.

The company says that users will get all the features that come from Amazon Redshift’s SQL capabilities, seamless data lake integration and performance at scale.


Users will only pay for the compute capacity to process the specific workload on a per-second basis, with no additional charges for idleness. 

ThoughtSpot has tabled this info at the same time as bringing forward new editions, including Team Edition, Pro Edition and bundles for startups, education institutions, and nonprofits, to the market. 

“We’re bringing interactive Live Analytics to companies and teams of any size to empower you to leverage natural language search and AI to find data insights with a pricing model that works for any size company,” stated the company.

This is all about using ThoughtSpot’s new editions and Amazon Redshift Serverless with Live Analytics without having to provision any infrastructure. With no analytics or data warehouse infrastructure to manage, organisations (and that means in this case, all business people) are promised the chance to be up and running and searching your data in minutes. 

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