Postman assesses state of the Aye-Pee-Eye (API) nation

Application Programming Interface (API) development company Postman has conducted a state of APIs survey.

Well, an API dev tools company would, wouldn’t it?

Questioning its 5 million community members — but presumably not getting responses from ALL of them — Postman says it wanted to understand the API developers’ workflow, pain points and perspective for where the API space is headed.

Most notably, while microservices remain the most ‘exciting’ technology for API developers, the rise of containers and serverless architecture have emerged as the new favourites for this group.

Postman’s co-founder and CEO is bold enough to suggest that the data his team have collated might be able to help technical leads identify current norms within their technologies and where development teams need to focus their time and energy.

The survey results suggest that nearly two in three API developers spend a quarter of their week working with APIs.

Also here, the majority of API knowledge is gained on the job or from online resources, while published API documentation and online communities also contribute heavily.


Additionally, the Postman community were asked how they pronounce API, with an overwhelming 82% saying that they use “Aye-Pee-Eye” – but another 12% said “Appie” (as in rhymes with happy).

Finally, developers shared a clear preference in the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate. A whopping 76% of API developers identified as “All Star Wars” or “More Star Wars than Star Trek”.

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