Perfecto proffers ‘perfected’ codeless automation testing

Everything (in software) these days is about automation and low-code, no-code platforms with AI-enriched cloud-based intelligent data analytics services, right?

Bringing at least two of those factors together (if not three) this week is web application testing solutionsPerfecto, now a Perforce Software company.

Perfecto Codeless is an AI-driven codeless testing solution that allows teams to automate the process of writing test scripts.

Equipped with AI and Machine Learning capabilities, changes to the test script are made agnostically, allowing scripts to continuously run and fix themselves without disrupting operations.

Part of Perfecto’s larger Smart Automation platform, the software is integrated with Perfecto’s cloud-based testing lab and reporting and analytics features.

“Across our customer base, the number one cause of automation failure is scripting issues. This a huge barrier for achieving good test automation and teams making their way towards continuous testing,” said Eran Yaniv, founder and CEO at Perfecto.

A burdensome process

Yaniv says that the ‘burdensome process’ of creating and maintaining scripts prevents teams from moving faster with automation.

“Testing teams often lack the skills they need to write scripts for test automation. While development teams have the coding skills needed to write Selenium or Appium scripts, their time is better spent on product development and innovation,” notes Perfecto, in a press statement.

Maintenance matters

Perfecto Codeless allows developers to generate quality test scripts and also maintain them, regardless of whether they are just getting started in their coding process or have a robust set of scripts.

“In recent years, codeless test automation has become a top priority for testers, as well as the developers that aim to expedite their test creation and maximize testing reliability. These professionals are looking at codeless as a preferred solution to embed into their testing responsibilities,” said Eran Kinsbruner, chief evangelist at Perfecto.

Kinsbruner and team also point to this product’s codeless automation in the cloud functions — this means (in theory at least) means that can manage the pace and demands that come with test automation.

Image: Perfecto



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