OneTrust defines information mandate to govern data & AI 

Data governance is already with us.

As TechTarget industry editor Craig Steadman reminds us here, “Data governance is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal standards and policies that also control data usage.”

Although effective data governance remains critical, its wider definition is now being expanded to include and encompass Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the concept of trust intelligence, a term popularised by Atlanta-based OneTrust.

The company’s platform capabilities are designed to help discover, secure and responsibly use data by enabling firms to activate data responsibly – and to surface and mitigate risk while navigating complex regulatory environments. 

Recently updated with additional functions, OneTrust Data Discovery helps highlight potential security and compliance issues so that a data engineering team can automatically apply the right policies and reduce data risk. 

Data classification engine 

An enhanced data classification engine simplifies configuration and customisation for structured and unstructured data, offering more than 300 out-of-the box classifiers for accuracy. 

AWS automated deployment enables provisioning and management of data discovery on AWS infrastructure to reduce deployment time.

An enhanced data policy engine helps strengthen data security and compliance posture.

Rules-based data policies automatically flag violations based on data discovery scans, giving visibility into data risk that should be remediated. 

Duplicate file detection automatically identifies duplicate data to reduce redundant data and decrease the attack surface, improve security posture, and potentially minimize cloud storage costs.  

AI governance

The OneTrust team has also flagged advancements to its OneTrust AI Governance tool which help govern the use of AI. 

A new AI inventory graph and enhanced data graph help visualise the components of the AI systems in use so users can understand dependencies. Enhanced AI governance automation rules enable users to tailor workflow rules to their specific requirements without developer help. AI regulatory research now offers an in-app dashboard to provide real-time updates on AI regulations and laws.

“We are at an inflection point where managing your data responsibly has never been more complex or more mission-critical,” said Blake Brannon, chief product & strategy officer at OneTrust. “To grow and thrive in this data-centric era, organisations need a foundation to discover, secure and responsibly use data – across the entire enterprise, throughout the entire data lifecycle and with context from all risk angles.”

Also from the company, OneTrust cookie consent is bolstered by an enhanced website scanning engine to surface all trackers on a website, mitigate the risk of non-compliance and reduce customer scan times.

AI-assisted cookie identification and categorisation decreases the number of unidentified cookies per scan to minimise manual categorisation.

A regulatory research platform, OneTrust DataGuidance, is now redesigned to make it easier to use and faster to navigate. AI-powered navigation with a new built-in OneTrust Copilot enables firms to get the regulatory answers they need. Plus, users have regulatory content tailored to their profile.

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