Nothing too fishy about Skuid [squid] application templates

Before we start, we need to understand how to pronounce cloud application development company Skuid.

Go on, we dare you… we double dare you.

Did you say skew-id, skood or scho-eey-dee?

Wrong, it’s ‘squid’, take a listen here.

New this month are Skuid Application Templates — and hey, who doesn’t love automation efficiency in software application development, so are these things useful?

Squid, sorry, Skuid’s templates are supposed to help design, develop and deploy personalised (sophisticated, consumer-grade) applications faster without writing code.

What these templates actually are… are a selection of ready-made ‘strategic’ applications including sales-related apps such as Configure Price Quote (CPQ), sales force automation, products and pricing portals, partner/customer portals and opportunity management; plus also HCM-related apps such as recruitment and applicant tracking, HR management, online learning, employee portals, surveys; and also some mobile apps for sales, field service etc.

Customisation or inspiration

Skuid says its App Templates can be used as is, as a starting point for customisation, or as inspiration.

The templates can be infinitely customized without code to meet specific business needs.

“With Skuid App Templates, developers can move faster, avoid lengthy backlogs and technical debt, and outsource customisation and minor change requests to citizen developers or business admins,” said Ken McElrath, CEO and founder of Skuid.

McElrath explains that this product incorporates UX patterns, design themes and best-practice processes.

So it’s kind of low code, no code, with the option to code.

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< class="wp-caption-text">Source: Wikipedia

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