New Relic digs for new AIOps tooling in the Holy Land

Oh yes, AIOps… hadn’t you heard?

That’s Ops (as in Ops, operations… as recently ‘shown some love’ by DevOps) driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a world where many of the core operational application and data management functions that Ops might perform across roles in Database Administration (DBA), sysadmin, penetration testing and security provisioning (and so on) are actually executed by AI intelligence.

You can’t look far without hitting AIOps news and this week we see software analytics company New Relic acquire Israel and USA based SignifAI, an ‘event intelligence’ firm specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

How will New Relic bring AIOps to bear?

By offering software teams technology to predict and address performance issues — it’s all about detecting issues early to reduce alert noise.

“To deliver reliable software at scale, DevOps teams need to leverage machine learning to help them predict and detect issues early and reduce alert fatigue,” said Lew Cirne, CEO and founder of New Relic.

Cirne contends that what’s really exciting about SignifAI’s open platform is that it sits above a customer’s existing set of monitoring tools.

“With more than 60 integrations ranging from open source and commercial monitoring tools to popular services found in many DevOps toolchains, SignifAI automates correlation and enriches incident context so that software teams can get answers quickly during incidents and ultimately reduce mean time to resolution,” said Cirne.

It’s true, as modern systems become increasingly complex, the incident response process has become more complex, too.

Plus… with microservice architectures, containers, and serverless technologies, companies face issues of cascading failures and alert noise.

SignifAI delivers AI and ML-powered correlations to provide:

  • Faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) with automatic correlation, aggregation and prioritisation of alerts to help teams focus on what matters most.
  • Automated predictive insights and recommended solutions to resolve issues faster.
  • Efficient root cause analysis, with automatically enriched issues containing all the relevant logs, events and metrics that teams need, regardless of the timeframe.

The SignifAI team will continue to work from offices in Sunnyvale, California and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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