MuleSoft takes the donkey work out of API lifecycle management

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become one of the new darlings of the cloud computing-centric world of interconnected, interlaced, interlocked technologies that we use today.

As the ‘glue’ that defines the way in which different elements of different applications and data resources are capable of talking to each other, APIs play an essential role in modern programming.

In daily use, API connectivity can be used to ‘expose’ a firm’s business capabilities out to a broader ecosystem of developers, partners and employees.

One player in the API space is MuleSoft — the company is known for its application network brand known as [the] Anypoint Platform.

This month sees MuleSoft launch Anypoint API Community Manager, a technology that combines an API ‘portal’ i.e. a hosted space where developer teams can collaborate on API lifecycle management, personalisation, support case management and engagement analytics.

No more donkey work

So it’s a case of aiming to take the donkey work (sorry – no other headline really seemed appropriate) out of all those (above) elements of API lifecycle management while also providing a channel for programmers to chat and interact.

If you want to get fluffy, MuleSoft says it means organisations can now build what it calls “connected digital experiences for their API products” with API Community Manager.

“An API programme is a coordinated effort to manage the creation and usage of APIs in support of a broader digital business strategy. With this release, MuleSoft is the first to productise [a process for] how to build a successful API programme by extending MuleSoft Catalyst with Catalyst Mobilize, a packaged set of proven best practices and methodologies built on experience working with thousands of organisations across industries,” said the company, in a press statement.

MuleSoft chief product officer Mark Dao says that until now, companies have had to use a combination of technical content management solutions and generic social engagement tools to build developer portals and drive engagement.

Dao asserts that API Community Manager can fuel an API ecosystem and increase engagement – all in a single product without writing any code.

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