Jive in the research groove with new virtual lab

Jive Software has established an ‘inter-organisational virtual research lab’ as part of its wider work to extend its scope in the business of enterprise collaboration software development.

In what is claimed to be an industry first, Jive says its new lab venture connects network science researchers in industry, academia and Jive to solve some of the most complicated network organisational business problems.

Networks & the workgraph

Jive Lab’s first area of focus is on how collaboration, based on the science behind networks and the workgraph, can lead to software development that accelerates go-to-market execution in large enterprises.

By teaming up with third-party academia and research organizations, Jive’s goal is to broaden the research ecosystem and support independent efforts to help companies maximise the way they work.

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)

This development joins Jive’s successful insights and analytics portfolio, including People Analytics, to unify the Jive WorkGraph through universal identification, content and search and enable organisational network analysis (ONA).

According to Jive, this new ONA technology provides visibility into how work really gets done, uncovering the work patterns of information flow, collaboration and activity, thus allowing enterprises to make strategic choices that shift collaboration from chance interactions to deterministic outcomes.

Informal network, formal advantages

“I’ve dedicated my career to researching how organisational relationships and informal networks can provide competitive advantage. I’ve worked with almost 300 leading organisations around the world in virtually every industry, including pharmaceuticals, software, financial services and government, to advance our knowledge of how ONA can positively impact any business and increase go-to-market execution,” said Rob Cross, PH.D, professor of global business at Babson College and a Connected Commons core team member.

Cross finalises by saying that he is pleased to see Jive embrace the importance of ONA and work with the community to help turn research into real technology that will drive fundamental change in how businesses operate.