GitHub Enterprise: more pulling power for pull requests

GitHub is launching a new offering (pitched at businesses of varying size and scale) with extra advanced features, which is intended to change the way software is developed (and, crucially, scaled) today.

This then is the new GitHub Business offering, the ‘paid-for’ version of the web-based version control and source code repository that also offers management and collaboration features.

GitHub has also announced its Enterprise 2.9 update, with various improvements aimed at both developers and administrators. With this release, administrators will see improvements in reliability and developers can get more out of pull requests.

Deep deprovisioning

According to the team, “We’re introducing SAML single sign-on, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, 24/5 support (with a response time of less than 8 hours) and guaranteed uptime to”

Teams can currently work on or GitHub Enterprise for a per user per month fee.

“As a company dedicated to better serving its customers and the developer community, this is the first in a series of rollouts as GitHub continues to advance its offerings for developers at work. Teams will also be able to grow without the need to manually add users or manage server maintenance,” said Connor Sears, in a blog post.

Core features

These new features join core features which include the power to use unlimited private repositories, team and user level permissions, pull requests, code review and project management tools.

Deeper info on GitHub Enterprise 2.9 is listed here.