Developers quench thirst for computational complexity Oasis Devnet

Software application developers can now access a new version the Oasis Devnet platform.

This technology has features to help developers build and test privacy-preserving smart contracts.

The software itself has been built as a result of work carried out by early testnet developers and the use cases they have laid down.

The ‘privacy-preserving smart contracts’ available here including features to help developers work on applications never before capable on blockchain.

But what is Oasis, really?

Oasis is a privacy-preserving cloud computing platform on blockchain.

According to the team, “Our platform enables privacy-preserving and computationally complex applications, allowing developers to build applications that protect data by design and foster the creation of new applications that couldn’t otherwise be built. We are designing our platform to scale to computationally complex workloads unseen in other blockchain systems to date.”

Features include Confidentiality Frameworks, which include libraries to develop and interact with confidential smart contracts, a new model for smart contracts in which data and state are secret and transactions are sent over an end-to-end encrypted channel.

As well as support for Rust, a general-purpose language that offers flexibility when writing smart contracts.

The Oasis Contract Kit is a toolkit to help write and test smart contracts locally before they’re deployed on-chain.

We can also fine Ethereum backwards compatibility here.

Ethereum is a decentralised platform for applications that run ‘exactly as programmed’ without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference — these apps run on a custom built blockchain.

The team further states that although most of the functionality for confidentiality is already supported, the Devnet is still in beta and they don’t recommend storing sensitive information at this time.

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