Densify Cloe aims to wise up resource-dumb smart-apps  

This is the age of women in technology and male appreciate of feminism and the drive for equality (although of course the first computer programmer was indeed a woman), so should we be using the ‘she’ pronoun for technology products and services as we sometimes do with countries and ships?

Cloud data management company Densify (the artist formerly known as Cirba) might think it’s okay, because the firm has named its latest product Cloe.

Actually not intended to convey any element of femininity, CLOE stands for CLoud Optimisation Engine – it is a software tool designed to provide machine-learning based analytics to optimise public cloud consumption.

But that makes this a channel story, not a developer story, doesn’t it?

Skynet self-awareness

No it doesn’t, Densify says that its technology enables applications to be self-aware of their resource needs. The implication for developers being that with a larger percentage of architectural provisioning and application resource management taken care of by this layer, they themselves will be able to focus on things developers enjoy like functional features along with look and feel.

Densify claims that Cloe beta customers are now saving an average of 40% on public cloud costs, with some exceeding 80%.

As we move to cloud (and the notion of cloud native application development) it is important to remember that application demands can fluctuate every day, hour and minute of the week.

Add this complexity to the fact that in parallel, every single compute instance of cloud can have millions of permutations.

What Cloe does is to analyse cloud usage patterns so that Densify (the higher level product from which the company takes its brand name) to proactively make applications self-aware of their resource needs – matching application need to available cloud resources.  

Smart-apps, resource-dumb

“While applications perform an infinite number of critical tasks, they aren’t resource-smart and they are often allocated massive amounts of unneeded public cloud resources,” said Gerry Smith, CEO, Densify.  “Cloe becomes the resource intelligence of an application, allowing that application to be self-aware of its resource usage patterns and to re-align public cloud use to its needs.”

According to a magical analyst house Gartner, cloud services can [typically] have a 35% underutilisation rate in the absence of effective management, as resources are oversized and left idling.

Densify Cloe offers multicloud support so that applications are provided with the right resources even when simultaneously using multiple cloud vendors; Cloe recommends the best cloud technologies for the given application.

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