Cohesity AWS partnership: you’d be a dim___ to ignore DMaaS

Complex elements of our existence can sometimes benefit from fragmentation.

Fragmentation can be viewed as a way of breaking apart bigger, more complex and often more interwoven elements of technology, individual user workflows and wider business systems to create a more digestible and approachable means of managing the larger entity in hand.

Indeed, as Leo Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace, “Human science fragments everything in order to understand it, kills everything in order to examine it.” So in that sense, fragmentation is a good thing.

Mass data fragmentation sits at the other end of the fragmentation scale.

When data comes under the force of fragmentation, it’s fundamental silo-based nature means that it becomes inherently more difficult to manage and to gain any cohesive intelligence out of, due to different systems inability to connect with each other.

This cohesion cohesity challenge may be why Cohesity called itself Cohesity.

The company has aimed to apply a new cohesion force to modern software stacks through a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address new challenges in data management.


So what’s data management called when it’s in the cloud?

Don’t be silly… we know that +aaS here equals Data Management as a Service (DMaaS).

The DMaaS solution here is designed to provide a way to back up, secure, govern and analyse data, all managed directly by Cohesity and hosted on AWS.

Cohesity says that organisations are looking to manage data in ways that allow their IT teams to focus on policy versus infrastructure, provide consumption-based pricing, accelerate the move to the cloud, make it easy to derive value from data, remove data infrastructure silos and support multiple use cases.

Doug Yeum, head of worldwide channels and alliances at AWS reminds us that these use cases include data backup and archiving, disaster recovery, file and object services, copy data management and analytics.

CEO and founder of Cohesity Mohit Aron notes that, “Through AWS, customers can access AWS services including Amazon Macie, to help meet compliance needs and Amazon Redshift for analytics.”

Both men issued corporate statements saying that they are ‘delighted’ and ‘thrilled’ to collaborate, respectively, although no wider parameters were offered to quantify the levels of euphoria experienced.

Cohesity Helios

The foundation for this new DMaaS solution is Cohesity Helios, a SaaS-based data platform that allows users to to see, manage and act on their data globally across environments which they manage.

According to Cohesity, “Within the DMaaS solution, customers will be able to subscribe to discrete data management offerings addressing a wide range of use cases — all from one provider. Accessing each of these capabilities through Cohesity — versus selecting one provider for backup, another for disaster recovery, and yet others for file and object services, copy data management, data security and governance — reduces infrastructure silos and addresses mass data fragmentation.”

DMaaS diversity for developers

So what does all of this mean for software application development pros and the engineering teams inside which they reside?

The idea here is that the Cohesity Helios platform, in cooperation with AWS, will become a place where data is fed through to all kinds of different AWS services. Think for example of AWS Macie for Compliance-as-a-Service, AWS Glue for the management of data lakes (ETL) and Analytics-as-a-Service, AWS Redshift for cloud data warehousing and AWS SageMaker for ML-as-a-Service. The possibilities are actually only limited by what AWS can offer in services that can be hung directly on Helios.

In addition to the aforementioned Backup-as-a-Service, the collaboration will soon also include DR-as-a-Service, followed by File-as-a-Service and Test Data Management-as-a-Service specifically for developers.

Moving forward, customers will also have the option to use Helios to do the same for data that resides in a Cohesity-managed environment.

Amazon has made an equity investment in Cohesity as part of the new working relationship.

Image source: Cohesity

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