BMC Compuware: It’s time to put the AI in mAInframe

Mainframes need love too, it’s not all public cloud out there – plus, anyway, some mainframe resources are used to further deepen the density of many cloud services in the first place.

Despite the fact that some people regard mainframes as legacy technology, we know that many enterprise organisations make massive use of mainframes… especially in fields such as financial services.

Still working diligently in this zone is Compuware, now a part of BMC since June 2020.

Big Mainframe Computing

BMC is now aiming to help build what it (and everybody else in the industry) is calling the autonomous digital enterprise but putting the artificial intelligence (AI) in mAInframe.

The company now refers to the joint BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) and Compuware portfolios… and this is the world of Ops plus AI = AIOps.

New software from BMC AMI Ops takes the best of MainView (a BMC product for optimising mainframe systems management AI and machine learning (ML) … and then passes that intelligence through an upgraded user interface designed for both new and experienced mainframe users.

The software works to identify and respond to problems before they can affect service levels and secure communications between enterprise systems with a RESTful API to support automation.

This technology includes out-of-the-box security checks and additional indicators of compromise to allow user to increase threat detection and response capabilities. 

“Integrated with the Compuware Application Audit capability, customers can now capture relevant data about user access and behaviour so they can quickly detect breaches and mitigate financial and brand reputation damages,” notes John McKenny, SVP and general manager of ZSolutions at BMC.

Down the DevOps toolchain

DevOps teams can now see which Compuware DevOps toolchain products and capabilities are under-utilised with the new Compuware zAdviser dashboards. 

In addition, they can deliver applications and services faster with the Compuware Topaz for Total Test product’s enhanced automated testing capabilities, which simplify automated test case creation, expand test coverage with negative testing and reduce rework.

Image credit: BMC

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