Cardiff council says outsourcing is a last resort

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I have been blogging extensively about a controversial outsourcing contract at Cornwall council, which has led to the sacking of the council leader.

As a result I have been asking people about their views on outsourcing public services. I did a survey asking whether people think private companies should run council services.
I have now had 69 people respond to my survey.

- 52 said that local government services should not be run by private companies.

- 12 said they should and 5 said they didn't mind.

See this post for some of the comments.

The reason I am blogging about this again is I have just seen comments from a councillor it Cardiff council, on, saying outsourcing is the last resort.

The council said it is looking a different ways of delivering public services. But outsourcing is unlikely.

The cabinet member for finance at the council Russell Goodway said outsourcing was not the council's preferred option, and would only be used as a last resort.

He said despite the fact that the council was currently facing a funding shortfall of at least £55m outsourcing is the least preferred option.

He said: "As in so many other areas, we could get into a situation where thousands of people are being made redundant and services are terminated. We want to avoid that, and keep as many people in work as we possibly can, and for the avoidance of doubt we want to keep as many people working for the council as we possibly can."

"What we are saying is we will look at every option, and outsourcing is the least preferred option for us."

If you want to tell me what you think of outsourcing local government services please fill in the questionnaire below.

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