Everything Everywhere cloud computing project will have implications for an industry

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Back in March I wrote about Everything Everywhere's outsourcing deal with T-Systems.


Everything Everywhere is the UK joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile. It has outsourced its IT to T-Systems for 7 years for £700m.


The deal will see 40% of internal systems move to the cloud within three years.


Mark O'Conor, partner and cloud computing specialist at law firm DLA Piper, says that this project will be watched closely and its success or failure could have reverberations on the cloud industry. 


"This deal is going to save Everything Everywhere a significant amount of money - good news for shareholders and, potentially, the consumer. However, there is a huge amount riding on it as its success is likely to have significant implications for the cloud computing industry," said O'Conor.


"Everything Everywhere is putting an enormous amount of trust in the cloud, particularly in light of recent high-profile hacking incidents and if anything were to go wrong, it is likely to impact other organisations' decisions as to their own cloud strategies. The financial services industry for example has shown serious interest in the benefits of cloud and is likely to be watching closely."

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