Disgraced former Satyam chief to head up prison BPO - we said it first

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Somebody sent me an article on yesterday's Times of India website. It reports how Satyam chief B Ramalinga Raju has had his bail cancelled and could now be kept inside to run a BPO operation in the prison.

Raju admitted to cooking the books at Satyam a year ago.

Back in May I wrote in this blog that IT firm Radiant Info Systems is working with authorities to turn hundreds of educated convicts into workers at in the BPO sector.

But not only that, I suggested in that blog (see link above) that a certain former head of a large Indian service provider, who is doing time in a Hyderabad jail, could run the BPO. Well that looks like they are going to do exactly that.

Here is the original announcement by the Indian company, Radiant Infosystems, behind the scheme.

Not only did this blog have the idea to put Raju in charge but it also has the perfect name for a prison BPO operation. Inside Outsourcing.

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