IBM rubbishes plans to slash 299,000 permanent roles

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Following my last blog about the massive news that IBM was considering cutting its permanent workforce from 399,000 today to 100,000 in 2017, IBM has come out fighting.

A senior HR executive at IBM, Tim Ringo, head of IBM human capital management, told Personnel Today that the plan would see workers re-hired as sub contractors and crown sourcin also used.

But IBM has strongly denied these claims.

A  statement from  the IT giant said: "The comments are without merit.  This was pure speculation about future job movements without any basis in fact.  In fact, the comments run counter to IBM's history of growing its global workforce over each the last eight years."

The words smoke, fire, without no spring to mind.

When I first heard what the IBM executive had said I was amazed. I have been speaking to several suppliers recently and they tell me of the importance of workers. HCL even has a strategy known as Employees first, customers second.

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IBM is a company in crisis.
IBM's incompetency in the HW and SW Markets have been handed over to oracle and microsoft as IBM is unable to effectively service their own customer base.
As with all large non-functioning organisations
Cutting administrative staff was necessary but moving engineering and support staff to india and china has the disastrous side-effect of losing their european and american customer base. Ask a mission-critical technical question to an IBM representative who just learned english last week and cannot answer the question because they have to email someone in europe or the states for the solution does not work..
The IBM business model does not effectively service their customer base or address newer technological requirements of the 21st century.

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