MongoDB-as-a-Service from UK datacentre

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Rackspace is now set to offer its NoSQL MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) from the firm's UK datacentre.

Acquired from (and still known as) ObjectRocket, this open source-based MongoDB is built on hardware optimised specifically for MongoDB and easily accessed and integrated into existing systems.

TECHNICAL NOTE: ObjectRocket is a sharded and fully managed MongoDB service built with a set of tools and APIs designed to maximise uptime and reduce administration time.

"Rackspace's work to establish a strong presence within the high-growth NoSQL database market has flourished since our acquisition of ObjectRocket back in February 2013," said Nigel Beighton, VP of technology at Rackspace International.

"We can now provide MongoDB with low latency, high-bandwidth proximity to our other cloud and hosting solutions," he added.

Rackspace says it has "precision-tuned" its delivery of MongoDB to make it much faster and completely optimised for running MongoDB across all layers of the stack, from the network to the file system and the hardware.


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