Hodor! Hodor app lets you hodor while you hodor

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Through a heady combination of online piracy and softcore pornography, Game of Thrones recently became the most popular show in the history of HBO.

And alongside the diet of violence, zombies, softcore porn, violence, softcore porn, dragons and softcore porn served up by the show, many fans of the series have come to love Hodor, the gentle giant portrayed by Northern Irish actor Kristian Nairn, who is only capable of saying one word: "Hodor."

So much, so, it now emerges, that Hodor now has an app dedicated to him.

That's right, viewers who can't or won't cough up for Sky, but want to show their support in other ways, can now spend 59p (99 cents) on Hodor Keyboard, a keyboard-replacement app for Android devices that guarantees to render all the text you enter into hodor.

As a bonus, it supports all languages. Yes, I suppose it would. Anyway, Android fans are already describing it as the best dollar they've spent all week.

This blogger confessed to slight bemusement at first, but after a quick road test, delivered a stunning verdict: Hodor, hodor. Hodor hodor hodor; hodor hodor 59p hodor. Hodor! Hodor?

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