On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... an iFusion iPhone dock

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As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) takes off in the enterprise, companies are begin to test out whether becoming entirely mobile is plausible, and in doing so, some are deciding to scrap landline phones in favour of smartphones. While this this may be far off into the future for your company, it is slowly beginning to happen. And for those fortunate (or unfortunate - you decide) employees, I can imagine them becoming nostalgic for their old desk phones.

Come on, please tell me you agree that it is much more difficult to hook a shiny iPhone between your shoulder and ear while writing notes, rather than the comforting curve of a corded desk phone?

This iFusion handset looks like a traditional desk phone. It is there to feel familiar, comfortable and to seamlessly cross the landline/mobile divide. 

Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth and then if you like pop it on the charging dock so it feels like a desk phone and away you go. Place and accept calls through the product, which also includes a hands free option. It doesn't however feature Apple's new lightning connector, but because it is paired by Bluetooth, you can still use the iFusion with your iPhone 5, you just won't be able to charge your phone at the same time. 

It works quite simply, dial the number and talk to them through the receiver rather than the microphone on your mobile. The call quality was as good as the call quality on your mobile device, but most importantly you had the pleasurable feeling of being able to slam your phone receiver down in a rage, something that I feel is missing from the world of mobiles. 

Because your iPhone is docked, it works well in video conferencing situations, as you can sit back and converse through the receiver while watching the video in front of you.


I'd quite like to see a docking station which integrates an actual landline also, as more and more companies are starting to go even more mobile and are getting rid of landlines, this seems like the perfect stepping stone into a mobile orientated work environment. 

Is it the retro anti-gadget? It does seem to be cashing in on a retro feel of modern gadgets these days, although not quite as badly as the iPod gramophoneiTurntable or the iPad typewriter dock.

All it is missing is the dial tone.

The iFusion is available in black or white at Amazon for £129.99.

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