How to get a job - 2010 style

Remember searching for a job through the newspaper in years gone past? Papers are still printing pages of job ads and I often flick through them wondering why they bother when the job will have been advertised online long before it ended up printed in pages that are only going to end up chucked in the street or left on a train seat.

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But times have changed. Now it’s far more accepted to reach out into LinkedIn and other social networks to find people with the right experiences and skills – or just to go there specifically looking for jobs. Just take a look at the LinkedIn jobs page and you will see what I mean. I just got distracted as I wrote this because there seems to be such a wealth of choice.
I’m not claiming that’s the only jobs network out there. Most of the big agencies have switched their business model into a service that works better online – it’s just that LinkedIn managed to find a nice way of capitalising on having all these professionals all online in the same place.
But I really enjoyed reading this story on Mashable about an advertising copywriter who used Google Adwords to find a new job. He assumed the directors who might hire him Google their own names now and then (come on, we’ve all done it!). So he bought their names in AdWords and ensured that an ad for his job search appeared if any of the directors ever Googled their name.
Neat idea. I might even try it sometime, though I won’t mention on whom.

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