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Source:  Unikron

Unikron’s NeutronVR software uses 3D technology to allow retailers to plan their stores digitally, which reduces the need to create physical examples. Using Oculus Rift virtual reality technology, Unikron can demonstrate how someone could visualise a store plan in 3D. The person wearing the headset could then use pupil movement to make changes to the plan, such as wallpaper or tiles could be changed and seen instantly in the 3D environment.

The NeutronVR project was founded by Dinesh Kumar and Richard Coates, both games industry veterans with 22 years of experience between them.

The company has worked with one fast food restaurant who wanted to approve different design for their franchises. The virtual reality simulation gave them the opportunity to step into the scene and try out the different finishes without producing a mock store.

The solution could also be used at point of sales systems for kitchen and bathroom designers.

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