40 years ago today: Computer Weekly January 24 1974


40 years ago: Sun Alliance deploys disc-based database

On page 3 we covered how Sun Alliance was replacing its ICL KDF9 and an ICL 1902A tape-based filing system over the course of two years with a disc-based database to hold policy records. The new system was based on the Cyber 72.

The configuration of the Cyber 72 included 48K words of main memory, four 844-2 disc drives and controller, four 659-4 magnetic tape drives, printer and card reader. Sun Alliance planned to expand this by the end of the year with an extra 16K words of main memory, another four disc drives giving a total capacity of 1000 million characters, the Computer Weekly article stated.

On the next page, Computer Weekly ran a column of conferences and events taking place in 1974.

The National Museum of Computing has a full copy of every print edition of Computer Weekly since our first in September 1966, and is now digitising the archive.

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