How Amadeus keeps travellers moving


Amadeus: guarding the fortress

Source:  Cliff Saran

The Amadeus facility in Erding runs 24 by 7 physical security. The site is monitored using 140 surveillance cameras along the perimeter fence, which is also secured by a tank barrier and a trench.

The outer wall of the facility is 1 metre thick steel reinforced concrete, capable of withstanding 100 kilos of explosives. This photograph shows the building management consoles.

The physical state of the datacente is monitored continually with 18000 measurements, which are fed into the building management system.

Carbon Dioxide is used as a fire retardant in the server rooms. If deployed, the air circulation in the datacentre cooling system is stopped to prevent any fire spreading, which means the servers will quickly overheat - so fire is very bad, but Amadeus has not experienced any.

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