Women in Computing through the years: Computer Weekly’s Archive


Paradise for housewives: Computer Weekly 1967

This small article suggests that a housewife’s career is “doomed to extinction by the year 2000. No longer will she slave over the washing up, because there simply won’t be any” as it will be done by computerised machines instead.

The article reads: “No longer will she dust, polish or industriously vacuum clean the carpets. She will sit in an armchair and watch a computer controlled cleaner appear out of the wall, work its way around her furniture and put itself away.”

Google are sponsoring a Women in Computing Gallery at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) unveiled at Bletchley Park this month. Dame Steve Shirley was in attendance for the launch.

Two Google interns have been researching women in computing in the Computer Weekly archive and shared their findings with us.

Visitors to TNMOC can glimpse the world of computing 25 and 40 years ago through a changing display of back copies of Computer Weekly.

Bona fide researchers may request access to any part of the archive by e-mailing [email protected]


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