The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution


Makie Lab - Makies

Source:  Design Museum

Makies, developed by MakieLab are action dolls with customizable features. Customers can go on the Makie website or mobile application and choose what their doll will look like. The dolls have been designed so that the head can fit an Arduino board so that owners can “hack” their dolls to modify them either further. There is also room for wires in the neck and body of the doll.

The exhibition demonstrates how Makie Dolls are transforming digital production. The dolls are produced by the customer digitally and the digital model is then manufactured by a 3D printer to the required specifications which can vary to include, hair colour, eye shape, and clothes.

The head offers the largest degree of choice and the bodies are more limited for the time being. Currently the heads are the only “on demand” manufacturing, being matched to a stock of body types.

Makie Dolls show how the “made on demand” trend has the potential to disrupt the traditional toy market, as well as manufacturing in general.

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