The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution



Source:  Design Museum

The first use of modern robotics in manufacturing was by General Motors in 1961. The robotic arms were originally used to automate the manufacture of television sets, but it was also able to pour liquid metal into die casts, weld automotive components and manipulate heavy payloads. The benefits of robotics were accuracy and repeatability.

The KR AGILUS family of robots at the Future Is Here exhibition are available with five or six axes of movement. Their small size makes them ideal for high speed and precision work, which is displayed at the exhibition. The robots perform tasks within a one metre radius.

Manufactured by KUKA Robotics, the firm uses accessible and adaptable software to control the machines providing users with open access to the programming. This allows end users to quickly manipulate the commands, making the machines perform different tasks, achieve higher production rates and significantly reduce energy consumption.

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