How pay-as-you-behave technology could transform car insurance


Someone is watching you drive...

Someone is watching you drive...

A recent European court ruling means that from December 2012, insurance companies will no longer be able to base risk assessments on gender which will have a significant impact on drivers and fleet operators. To combat this, technology has been developed to allow insurers to set their premiums based on driving style rather than age or driving history. The Trimble DriverSafety unit (pictured on the left hand side), sits discreetly on the dashboard and monitors the driving style of the person behind the wheel.


As of December 2012, gender-based car insurance calculations must be scrapped, following a recent European court ruling.

Technology is emerging which means that drivers, no matter what age or sex, could be charged a premium based on how well - or badly - they drive, putting them in control of how much they need to pay. This technology developed by telematics expert Trimble evaluates the way in which people drive by monitoring the manoeuvres made during a journey – so it will be able to detect harsh manoeuvres such as hard braking and swerving as well as speed.


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