Three deploys CommScope 6-beam antennas to support events mobile

Festival goers in the UK and Ireland reported increased mobile network capacity on networks at a series of large events this summer, supported by the use of multi-antenna technology

Wired and wireless network technology provider CommScope has revealed its role in helping to support increased network data usage for Three UK and Three Ireland at a series of special events.

Three’s subscribers were said to have benefited from CommScope’s 6-beam antenna at some of the most widely attended events of the summer, including the King’s Coronation in London, the Glastonbury music festival in Somerset, the Isle of Wight Festival in Hampshire, the Wireless Festival in London and the Longitude Festival in Dublin.

The antennas were also deployed at Silverstone Race circuit to support the F1 and Moto GP race events.

With the traffic growth being delivered by increased usage on both 4G and 5G networks, both Three UK and Three Ireland used the 6-beam antenna to help manage both the increased mobile capacity and coverage at several large-scale events.

With the boost in capacity and increased 4G upload/download speeds, fans were said to be able to enjoy an improved user experience at the events, allowing them to share some of summer’s most memorable moments.

“It has been a pleasure working with both Three UK and Three Ireland to support their special events programmes in their respective markets,” said Jonathan Hicks, UK and Ireland sales manager for outdoor wireless networks at CommScope.

“The compact size of the 6VV-10A-F6 6-beam antennas, which support 1695-2690 MHz LTE spectrum, allows them to be installed on temporary masts, which can be taken down and redeployed at any other special events location. Their 6-beam feature allows coverage to be directed to where the crowds gather and provide increased capacity where it’s needed most.”

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David Hennessy, chief technology officer at Three UK and Three Ireland, added: “At both Three UK and Three Ireland, keeping our customers connected while they enjoy memorable events and experiences is extremely important to us.

“In support of this, we were delighted to partner with CommScope and their new multibeam antenna technology. We’re proud that Three UK and Three Ireland’s networks have the fastest 5G in each country and continue to provide a great experience for customers of both networks.”

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