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Tech Data steps up GDPR support

The GDPR regulations are moving ever closer and Tech Data has moved to make life easier for resellers trying to help customers

With just under six months to go until the GDPR regulations kick in Tech Data is ramping up the suppoert it can offer resellers.

The distributor has launched its GDPR practice builder initiative in Europe to provide help for those trying to get to grips with the compliance rules.

The firm will deliver workshops and assessment services to help resellers give customers a clear idea of where they are in terms of keeping on the right side of the law.

“We believe that the channel needs to be made aware of the impact that the GDPR will have on them,” said David Ellis, director of Security Solutions, Europe, at Tech Data.

“Our GDPR Practice Builder initiative reinforces our commitment to ensuring that European partners are able to benefit from an increasingly innovative and differentiated portfolio of next-generation offerings," he added.

"We’re confident that the framework we’re offering as part of this initiative provides the methodologies, tools and collateral that channel partners need to help themselves and their customers as the May 2018 deadline approaches," said Ellis.

There has been plenty of research that indicates the bulk of customers are still not ready for GDPR but some resellers could take advantage of the new year to urge users to come up with a plan.

January marks 150 days until GDPR comes into force and that countdown has a ring to it that might work for some resellers.

"I’d urge business owners to create a 150-day countdown that focuses their attention on how best to prepare for the May deadline, including the external agencies they work with in their considerations," said Mike Blackburn, managing director of I-COM.

“The fact there has been a huge surge in people googling GDPR lately suggests that people are becoming increasingly worried about how they will handle the new regulations," said Blackburn.

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