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Juniper CEO tackles complexity of multi cloud

Juniper CEO argues that complexity is biggest challenge facing industry today; talks cloud ambitions

Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim says the biggest challenge facing the industry to date is the complexity associated with modern networks, describing them as “fragile and difficult to manage.”

Speaking in London yesterday, Rahim said there was real opportunity “around the pursuit of simplicity.”

“The key is the promise of multi cloud but without the complexity that is inherent in all solutions today. Complexity costs billions of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars of lost productivity. It exposes us to security risks, it traps talent stuck keeping the lights on instead of innovating…it downright cripples some companies. It is the new hard problem to solve in IT,” he said.

To enable the simpler transition to the cloud, Juniper is throwing its weight behind its Contrail orchestration software, which Rahim described as “a head start, a secret weapon.”

However, the CEO admits Contrail it is still a complex proposition for the enterprise, and that to reach a broader set of customers, the platform would need to be re-packaged.

“Much of the core technology is already there, but the packaging needs to be a really easy to deploy and manage solution for multi cloud management, security, SD-WAN, etc. The core will be common, but you’ll have applications to solve specific use cases,” he said.

Reaffirming the vendor’s commitment to build its business around workload management in the cloud, Juniper’s corporate VP of partners and alliances, Brian Rosenberg pointed to the appointment in July of a former Google visionary to the role of Juniper CTO.

“Bikash Koley didn’t leave Google where he automated Google Cloud, to come to Juniper to build bigger, faster routers. He came to Juniper to simplify how clouds and networks are managed. That’s very much a laser focus from the top down, and you’ll see that permeate across the company in 2018,” Rosenberg told Microscope.

The firm also said it is looking to recruit channel partners that can help their customers move their workloads into multi-cloud environments.

“If we look into next year and beyond, it’s all about hybrid cloud and multi cloud…The prize for partners is to help the customers manage and integrate and deliver quality of service across that entire cloud ecosystem,” Kristian Kerr, EMEA head of channel, alliances & commercial at Juniper, told Microscope.

To help enable partners to move their customers into the cloud, Juniper is offering three cloud specialisations as part of its revamped partner programme, which rolls out on January 1, 2018.

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