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BMC: Channel must help customers get to grips with cloud costs

Customers think that using multiple cloud platforms will help with cost optimisation but a large number have no idea if that approach is working

There are plenty of customers that still do not have a firm handle on their cloud costs and their issues with working out the finances should spell a chance for the channel to step in.

Systems management player BMC used its recent Exchange London event to nudge its partners in the direction of helping customers that have data spread across multicloud environments.

The firm found that 45% of companies had started to use various cloud platforms in the belief that it helped them get better cost optimisation but a similar number had to report that they had not got a clear idea on the total cost of their spending.

"Over 40% of those interviewed don't really know the cost of cloud. That is a big thing to address," said Eric Blum,  vp & CTO of EMEA at BMC Software.

Although some customers that have found out the costs of cloud have chosen to move data back on-prem Blum argued that having a better handle on costs would help customers be more fluid in their decisions.

"What is the costs today might not be the same tomorrow and the cost of cloud is going down," he added "Some are unclouding some apps but in three months they might move them to the cloud again. It is all about having understanding."

Getting a grip on costs needs to be accompanied by working out where the data resides, which could become even more of an issue post-Brexit.

"Multicloud and distributed computing means that it will be even more of a topic," said Blum who added that there would need to be even more awareness of the different regulations between countries.

Before Brexit is sorted out the GDPR data regulations are coming into force next year and the same discovery tools that resellers can use to work out cloud costs can be deployed to locate data across multicloud environments.

The unclouding trend has been growing since the summer with some in the industry reacting to it by calling for those selling on-prem services to be more positive about what they can offer.

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