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TheCloud starts fresh chapter as Atmoso

Rebranding comes at a time when the product portfolio has expanded

Hosted services specialist TheCloud has chosen to rebrand to coincide with a widening of its portfolio and a change of culture.

The Fareham-based channel player has settled on the name Atmoso Limited for the next stage of its history.

The firm started back in 2010 offering cloud products, including online backup and recovery, hosted desktops and virtual servers. But this year saw the portfolio expand into telephony and PCI-DSS compliance.

“We felt that with our portfolio branching out in new directions - the voice and contact centre suite, the PCI compliance piece, et cetera - that what we had was no longer just a ‘cloud’, but more of a connected ‘atmosphere’,” said managing director Daniel Crespi.

“From that idea of an atmosphere came the new name - Atmoso,” he added.

The change in culture is not just confined to the internal operations of Atmoso but Crespi said would also extend to the way it worked with resellers.

“When we take on partners, we’re entering into a shared journey with them. We want to share common objectives and goals, to share in their growth and success; we want them to see the Atmoso team as an extension of their own. In that sense the Atmoso name applies to the ‘atmosphere’ that connects ourselves and our partners," he said.

The firm is planning to establish its cloud products as brands in their own right and is developing a voice suite that once ready will appeal to SMEs and contact centre customers. The firm is also planning some activity on the PCI compliance front.

Looking ahead, Crespi is sure that the rebranding and investment in the corporate website and product portfolio will deliver results.

“I believe Atmoso will be delivering the best customer experience in the market, and be the most recommended channel provider of these next generation cloud services in the UK within five years," he said.

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