BlackBerry reaches ISV milestone

The mobility player has seen its ISV community grow and the number of apps on its marketplace reach a milestone

There was a time not that long ago when people were wondering if there was a future for BlackBerry and questioned if moves to become a mobile platform player would come in time to save the firm.

The firm, which had dominated the corporate smartphone market, found itself beseiged by competition and struggling to shout above the crowd.

But as the firm drew enjoyed its Security Summit in London today there was a chance to not only talk about the future but to boast of strong relationships with the ISV community.

There are now more than 100 enterprise apps on the BlackBerry Marketplace and the firm welcomed that milestone as a further indication it was carving out more relevance in the business market.

“ISV partners and developers want to create products on BlackBerry’s Development Platform because it takes care of all the backend and infrastructure services, and makes their application not just secure, but BlackBerry Secure” said Mark Wilson, svp and chief evangelist at BlackBerry.

“We want to work with as many partners as possible, in all industries and geographies, so we can offer our customers the broadest range of highly-secure innovative enterprise solutions," he added.

As part of that effort to attract more interest the firm has out some efforts into making sure its development platform can provide the access to the APIs that ISVs are looking for.

One of the areas that was on the agenda at the summit was GDPR and BlackBerry launched its own consulting services to make sure that users are getting ready for the regulations that kick in next year.

The mobility player used the summit to also unveil its approach to automotive security with more emphasis being placed on making sure the next generation of smart cars are not compromised but for the channel it will be the letters GDPR that have more market relevance now.

“Having been engaged with the EU Justice Directorate-General since 2012, we understand the GDPR requirements and have developed expertise to help address the full range of GDPR implications for enterprises, from situational assessment to offering DPO (Data Protection Officer) -as-a-service,” said Carl Wiese, global head of sales at BlackBerry.

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