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Snow Software joining the ranks of those facing up to GDPR

Snow Software has moved to help customers get ready for GDPR and arm its channel with a tool that should spark a deeper debate about where users are taking their businesses

Snow Software has moved to arm resellers with a tool that should help customers move forward with getting on top of getting ready for GDPR.

The firm, well known for software asset management, has developed its GDPR Risk Assessment tool that should provide resellers with an opportunity to help customers start down the road towards getting compliant with the European data regulations that come into force next May.

The technology works out what devices and applications are connected to the network and where there could be risks to data and provides the customer with areas where they can remediate the issues. For a partner it could open up a wider debate about how a user wants to get the business ready for GDPR and data transformation.

"It gives a customer a chance to look at the priorities and then remediate and then reassess," said Dan Kirtley, senior product marketing manager at Snow Software.

He added that many customers were not only coming under pressure to get on with preparing for GDPR but also finding the resources to get help with the issue. The vendor's tool meant that there was an alternative to bringing in an expensive consultancy that might be beyond a lot of mid market players.

Research over the last six months has consistently shown that many firms are not ready for GDPR and have yet to start the process. As the deadline gets closer Snow is not alone in coming up with a practical solution that the channel can take out to the market.

Silwood Technology, which draws data from CRM and ERP systems, has released a tool that helps customers track the data that resides in their business intelligence systems.

The firm is looking for more partners to get on board to sell the Safyr product, which is being pitched as a way for customers to get a better handle on personal data.

“From speaking directly to businesses, we have learned that there is a lot of confusion in the market about GDPR. Also as a result many are struggling to decide on the most appropriate GDPR compliance platforms and processes.  The fact is that a combination of proliferating data sources, integration challenges and now GDPR means that organisations are under pressure to deliver very quickly. Our channel partners are already delivering value and benefits to their clients, by enabling them to incorporate Personal Data from ERP and CRM packages into data governance platforms, often in in minutes, rather than weeks or months," said Nick Porter, founder and technical director of Silwood Technology.

There is a significant opportunity not only to sell the tools that can help firms get compliant but for resellers to help customers deal with the process of getting their staff up to speed.

Romy Hughes, co-founder and director of Brightman, who has authored a white paper on GDPR, warned that the technology was only one part of the equation.

"You can buy in support and systems for all those technical areas, but nothing bought in can protect you from the biggest threat to your business when it comes to GDPR compliance; your very own staff. GDPR affects every company, large or small and everyone in it," said Hughes in the paper.

"GDPR is a Board level responsibility, but it is not only a systems issue, it is a people issue," she added.

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