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Dell EMC partners selling more of the unified portfolio

Following the launch of its unified partner programme Dell EMC partners have increased selling more products from the vendor

Dell EMC has seen resellers embrace more of its product portfolio since it launched its unified partner programme eight months ago.

When the vendor brought together the Dell and EMC partner programmes into a single offering back in February one of the vendor's hopes was that it would give resellers more opportunities to sell a wider number of products.

Dell partners were encouraged to look at the EMC storage offerings and on the flipside the PCs and servers were made available to those who had not traditionally sold them.

Over the past six months the vendor has seen partners go from selling 1.6 products in the portfolio to 2.4 on average.

"Partners on the programme have been selling more lines of business, which is a big opportunity," said Michael Collins, senior vice president of channel business at Dell EMC.

"Attaching services is critical and we have some incentives in place to effect behaviour," he added "There is a portfolio effect with partners selling across the range."

That trend was echoed in the vendor's keynote slot at the Canalys Channels Forum. The firm gave an update on the progress of the partner programme and used the slot as a chance to restate its commitment to the channel.

Marius Haas, president and chief commercial officer at Dell EMC, said that it had seen revenues last year from the channel of $35bn and would go past $40bn this year.

He said that there had been 33% more lines of business old by channel partners and the channel had attracted 20,000 fresh customers to the Dell EMC fold.

"Net new customers coming to Dell Technologies portfolio coming with [partners] which is a great testament that our partners are expanding the reach of our capabilities, which is exactly what we want to happen," he said.

One of the other consequences of moving to the unified programme was the roll out of new tiers and Collins said that some partners were at risk of dropping down the ranks unless they stepped up training and sales efforts in the fourth quarter.

"There are partners in the programme that have had a spectacular start and will likely progress into higher tiers and there are partners that entered the programme at high tiers and they might not get into that tier next year, so there is some development that needs to be done," said Collins.

"There are partners that are not yet gold partners that based on next year's criteria will enter the programme so there will be a lot of
new partners," he added.

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