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Intronis brings fresh channel blood to Barracuda

The managed services business has seen its partner base expand, with many being fresh to the security player

Intronis plans to continue expanding its channel base as it works with a greater number of managed service providers (MSPs).

The Barracuda-owned firm has seen demand for its security platform increase and a greater number of partners come forward to work with the online backup and disaster recovery specialist.

Jason Howells, director EMEA for MSP business at Barracuda Networks, said it was continuing to develop its platform and migrate more of the Barracuda product portfolio across, but its efforts so far were already sparking fresh relationships.

“In the 15 months running Intronis, the net new business to Barracuda in terms of partners has been outstanding. There is a very small number that have been existing partners,” he said.

“We have carved out a new channel with MSPs, and we have not disrupted the core reseller business – there has been very little crossover,” he added.

Howells said most traditional resellers were looking at changing their business model to provide more managed services and were looking for a vendor that made the security proposition a straightforward one.

“We are helping MSPs to be successful. Some of those that are joining have been working with a single product vendor, but we offer a platform that we are building and we have made the investments,” said Howells. “We are very keen to sign as many partners as we possibly can.”

Earlier this month, Intronis introduced a next-generation firewall and managed backup appliance service.

“We are already signing people up for those services, some of which are new as well,” said Howells. He added that it continued to talk to partners about which further services they would like added to the platform.

Barracuda acquired Intronis in 2015 for $65m to crank up its involvement in the MSP space and steal a march on its rivals by gaining access to the technology that has helped establish a platform that the channel can easily take advantage of.

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