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NTT Communications unveils global SD-WAN offering

Signs that the time is coming for SD-WAN get another boost with moves to roll out a global platform from NTT Communications

One of the signs that a technology is gathering momentum is when channel players start to make investments and prepare the ground for a surge in demand.

Those keeping an eye on what is happening in the SD-WAN world will be watching moves by NTT Communications with great interest as the firm puts some serious muscle into the market.

The NTT SD-WAN service portfolio is being made available across the globe through 1,000 plus local ISP partners and supported by 75 local cloud centres.

“Digital transformation is at the heart of every modern enterprise today, fundamentally changing companies’ business models,” said Mr. Shuichi Sasakura, senior vice president network services of NTT Com. “The global NTT SD-WAN Service Portfolio is an end-to-end solution that provides organisations with a highly flexible and agile network that is fully tailored to their specific requirements and enables them to better compete in today’s digital economy."

Underlying the NTT platform is the technology that it acquired from Virtela back in 2014 with plans to keep developing a software defined strategy.

“CIOs are increasingly interested in software defined networking technology. NTT DATA is a frontrunner in offering innovative solutions and is looking forward to helping clients take advantage of NTT’s SD-WAN Service Portfolio,” says Marv Mouchawar, president, strategic business Units, NTT DATA, an NTT Group Company.

There have been signs that the next couple of years are going to be interesting ones in the SD-WAN market with IDC indicating that it expects revenues will grow at an average pace of 92% per year to hit $2.1bn by 2021.

"SD-WAN has emerged as one of the hottest topics in the WAN industry," said Jan Hein Bakkers, senior research manager at IDC.

"It will become one of the key building blocks of network evolution, driving the flexibility, manageability, scalability, and cost effectiveness that organizations require in their balancing act between rapidly growing requirements and much flatter budgets," he added.

The NTT Communication solution

Real-time streaming network analytics  

Enterprise connectivity flexibility, giving the customer the choice of network connectivity

Optimised local ISP selection & routing

Enhanced quality of service

Secure web gateways and application acceleration

Malware detection reporting

Customer support

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