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Softcat among those trumpeting G-Cloud success

The recent launch of the latest G-Cloud 9 has seen Softcat move into a position to offer more than 200 services to public sector customers

Softcat has strengthened its position as a public sector player on the latest G-Cloud 9 framework moving into a position where it can offer a significant number of cloud offerings.

The reseller can now provide 226 services through the framework to a range of public sector customers, including government, emergency services, health and education.

The G-Cloud services are split into lots that cover cloud hosting, software and support. Softcat operates across those areas and has tendered through the evolution of the G-Cloud process.

“Winning a place on this latest framework agreement reinforces our public sector offering and allows us to provide a huge range of services to our customers via a trustworthy procurement route," said Any Bruen, public sector frameworks manager at Softcat.

“The G-Cloud framework is one of the more straightforward frameworks for our customers to procure under and offers a vast array of different cloud-based IT solutions," he added.

The latest iteration of G-Cloud came into force on 22 May and other public sector channel specialists have also been trumpeting their success in getting listed as approved suppliers.

Jason Clark, CEO and president at Proact, which can offer 33 services, said that it had been on both version 7 and 8 of G-Cloud.

“With a specialist team covering all aspects of the sector across the whole of mainland UK, Proact's services on G-Cloud 9 can support UK public sector organisations in their digital transformation journeys with flexible, affordable and on-demand services and solutions that can help provide public services in a more effective, more efficient and lower cost way to the taxpayer," he said.

Plenty of G-Cloud business should be going through the channel with 50% of the top 50 suppliers being SMEs. So far £1.6 billion spent on the government's digital marketplace and 56% of total sales and 64% of volume was awarded to SMEs.

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