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Security angle could open up M2M sales

Machine learning might be a buzz phrase that crops up at plenty of industry events but coming at the topic from the security angle could provide the channel with sales

There has been plenty of talk about machine to machine technology growing and taking over some of the automated processes that might be better suited being dealt with without a human element.

But while there has been plenty of keynotes at conferences dropping in M2M as a trend worth looking out for there has not been so much discussion around where the revenues opportunity might emerge for the channel.

One of the parts of the M2M jigsaw that will need to be dealt with is security and resellers should find helping customers get to grips with machine identity management an issue that resonates with users.

Craig Stewart, VP EMEA at Venafi, said that machines used certifications and keys to communicate and with the growth of IoT devices there were dangers that many were kept on default settings and as a result could be a weak link into the network.

"Machines are capable of being [secure] but are not always set up in that way and are often configured for speed and ease of use," he said.

"The number of people in most companies is not increasing and the number of physical machines are decreasing to a certain extent but machines means physical as well as programmes and apps," he added.

Stewart added that it had recently launched a channel partner programme and it was recruiting resellers to get involved with securing and managing certificates.

But he added that machine identity management was a specific skill and although some resellers would have to train or hire staff it would be worth it if partners were planning to be effective.

"There are hosting opportunities as well as sales and deployment and managed services opportunities," he said.

Forecasts from Forrester earlier this Spring revealed that the analyst house is now expecting a 15% GACR for predictive analytics and machine learning through the next few years to 2021.

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