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No regrets from Adapt boss over Datapipe sale

It has been almost a year since UK MSP Adapt sold up to Datapipe and it has been a wise move according to the man who spearheaded the sale

It has been almost a year since managed service player Adapt was acquired by US firm Datapipe as part of its expansion into Europe.

Those running Adapt opted to sell because they could foresee a world where they needed more muscle that could come from a larger US backer that could help them grow their customer and services base.

In the months that followed from the decision to sell in the summer of last year Stewart Smythe the boss of Adapt, who now runs the UK region for Datapipe, has had no regrets and feels that the decision for the move has proved to have been a wise one.

“There are organisations that need to deploy all over the world, customers who are having shortened project cycles and as a UK services provider we could not have kept up with that. Being acquired by Datapipe has kicked us on by three years [gaining the experience of a US firm],” he said.

The acquisition was sparked by Smythe, who went to Datapipe because he could see the constraints that were coming for home grown MSPs: “UK service providers are going to soon be out of their depth competing in an increasingly globalized world.”

He said that he faced up to the limitations of organic growth and had recognized the need to be part of something bigger. At the same time the customers were increasingly looking for global support that went far beyond the boundaries of the UK.

Datapipe had already been selling into Europe but wanted to gain a presence and Adapt fitted the bill and in the 10 months since the tie-up the muscle and expertise that Smythe hoped would be introduced by the new owners has been delivered.

“If I look at my top 20 customers probably a dozen of them are taking, or will take in the next few months, a service that we couldn’t have given them before the Datapipe deal. We are dropping customers into Europe and the US, we are deploying customers onto hyperscale platforms and we have had big security investments so from a nit bag perspective it’s been really strong,” he said.

“A year on we are miles stronger and we can achieve things in Europe that Datapipe could not have done without the scale and the depth we can give them,” he said.

In addition he said that being part of a larger organization offering more technologies had also been a benefit for staff that were now able to get training on a much wider portfolio.

Vice president of marketing at Datapipe Richard Dolan said that it had been expanding its global footprint and from its point of view the Adapt acquisition had given it the access to support more customers that were operating across Europe.

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