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Veritas hands channel GDPR solution

With the arrival of the GDPR data protection rules getting ever closer Veritas has rolled out a solution that partners can take out to the market to kick-start customer action on the issue

The introduction of GDPR is just 14 months away and is a talking point with most customers concerned they could be exposed to fines once the compliance rules come into force.

Vendors operating in the security and data management spheres have been quick to make sure they can talk about GDPR and have a solution the channel can sell but some have gone a step further and come up with incentives to make life even easier for resellers.

Veritas has launched a 360 Data Management for GDPR solution that it is hoping will give partners a leg up in getting the message out to customers about the need to prepare for the future.

Zachary Bosin, Veritas director of information governance solutions, said that it was keen to arm the channel with a reason to start conversations with customers about what the compliance regulations would mean.
“With just 14 months until the new regulations come into force, organisations need to be acting now to ensure that they’re compliant in time. With 360 Data Management for GDPR, channel partners can be assured they are delivering one of the most comprehensive GDPR solutions currently available on the market," he said.

The 360 solution includes an advisory service from Veritas, which is staffed by experts in all things GDPR, data maps that highlight where personal and sensitive data is stored and some predictive threat analysis.

Even though the UK is leaving the European Union the legislation is going to have an impact on any firm that trades with the area and the expetcation is that British businesses will be expected to have the same data protection standards.

“This is not just an issue for EU companies,” said Carla Arend, senior program director at IDC “This regulation impacts any organisation that holds data concerning individual EU data subjects. This can be anything from a shopping history to employee records. It is imperative that companies immediately begin deploying solutions that will help them understand exactly what information they hold and let them manage that data in a compliant manner.”

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