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Private cloud being pitched at mid market customer base

Mid size customers might find life easier choosing private cloud according to business process specialist DocLogix

There has been plenty of drum banging from the public cloud players about the need for customers to use their services but there are signs that the alternative point of view is also vying for attention.

The private cloud players have been urged in the past to counter the public relations machines that the likes of AWS and Google have been so effective in using to give an impression that their solutions are the most attractive.

Some of those keen to mount a counter attack for the private cloud position will have siezed on the arguments from process management player DocLogix.

The firm has concluded that private cloud is the best solution for mid sized companies because it provides the sort of customisation that those customers are looking for.

Aurimas Bakas, board member of DocLogix, said that its private cloud service was offered to those that were looking for a platform that they could have greater control over.

The firm listed the benefits of private cloud, including better security and control along with increased flexibility, as some of the features that would appeal to mid size and smaller companies.

Most customers use a combination of private and public cloud and research from NetApp earlier this month found that a hybrid approach was the most common across the UK, Germany and France.

“IT leaders look to the cloud to boost innovation. We believe that they should focus on three things to be successful, and these are choice, control and agility,” said Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions marketing manager, EMEA, at NetApp.

“Enterprises need to be able to choose which workloads belong in the cloud and choose the best partners to move them across a hybrid landscape. They need to have visibility into cost, performance and data placement to make informed business and regulatory decisions across the full data lifecycle. And they want to harness every advantage of cloud economics – from new ideas to concepts to production," he added.

The private pitch

DocLogix has put together a list of the benefits of private cloud:
1. Better security and control
2. Less expenses as a result of controlling a private cloud server
3. Increased flexibility
4. Access
5. Data protection
6. Increased collaboration

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