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Brother UK marks apprenticeship week with a twist

Brother has decided to mark the end of National Apprenticeship Week with a bit of a twist

To mark the end of National Apprenticeship Week the senior management of Brother UK have come up with a twist to see what life is like for those entering the IT workplace for the first time.

The firm's managing director Phil Jones, infrastructure and shared services director Louise Marshall and supply chain and service director Keith Howe will take up roles as apprentices for the day.

All of today the trio will be getting a taster of apprenticeships that deliver digital and social media skills, business adiminstration and electronic engineering.

Brother has made the pledge that by 2019 apprentices will account for 5% of its headcout and the firm has been giving young people a chance to work in the business for the last three years.

“National Apprenticeship Week is an important part of the year in highlighting the crucial role apprenticeships play in the future of all businesses, but investing in talent development should be front of mind all year round," said Jones.

“Our job swaps are not just for fun. They allow our senior leaders to better understand our apprenticeship programme and how it could be enhanced while also underlining to our apprentices how crucial they are to the future of Brother UK," he added.

Earlier this week the government provided an update in the Spring Budget on its progress to bolster the number of apprenticeships.

"Long ago, our competitors in Germany and the US realised that to compete in the fast moving global economy, you have to link skills to jobs," said the Chancellor Philip Hammond.

"And, I am pleased to report, in National Apprenticeship Week, that our apprenticeship route is now, finally, delivering that ambition here, with 2.4 million apprenticeship starts in the last Parliament, and the launch of the Apprenticeship Levy in April supporting a further 3 million apprenticeships by 2020," he added.

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